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Microwave Aerogel Felt Heating and Curing Technology-breaking Through the Bottleneck of the Development of Traditional High-temperature Heating Technology

Microwave-prepared aerogels felt can reduce the risk through intelligent design and meet the production requirements of high-quality products. The complete set of equipments is fully automated, and all monitoring equipment is centrally controlled, and a continuous production process can be realized. The production requirement of 180 square meters per hour Read More

Bearing Assembly Requirements and Maintenance Methods

Precautions before bearing installation 1. Check the bearing for quality problems. Whether the rotation is flexible, carefully check the bearing parts for defects, such as indentation, burns, cracks, etc. It is strictly forbidden to install parts with quality problems. 2. Make sure the installation site is clean and prevent foreign Read More

CoronavirusCOVID-19: Disinfect your casual shoes for women to Safeguard Against the Coronavirus

With the spread of the new crown virus worldwide, The coronavirus has quickly
introduced many Americans to the world of science. People began to pay more
attention to the prevention of viruses and adopted a number of measures, such as
wearing masks and washing hands frequently, but there is one thing that most
people miss.

Although the Centers for Disease Control states that the virus is mainly
transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets that are produced
when an infected person coughs or sneezes, it can also linger on surfaces that
are frequently touched, such as light switches, phones, and keyboards.