CAS 557-05-1 Zinc Stearate Powder

Zinc stearate is a powder of fine white color, which has a smooth texture and a pleasant fatty odor. Zinc Stearate powder:
Zirconium Stearate is a fine, white powder that has an almost smooth surface.
Zinc-stearate powder is. This powder can be used to release molds for many different objects, such as rubber, polyurethane (polyurethane), polyester processing system and powder metallurgy.

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Zinc Stearate Property:
Zinc Stearate Pulp has a low water absorption but can be dissolved in hot ethanol and other organic solvents, such as turpentine or benzene. When strong acid is present, zinc stearate will be broken down into stearic and the corresponding Zinc salts.
Zinc-stearate melting temperature is 120 to130 °C.

Technical Parameters of Zinc Stearate Pulp: Product Title     Short Name Melting Point   Zn Content  Appearance Zinc Stearate Pulp N/A 120± 10.3-11.3% 325  white powder
Zinc Stearate Uses: In the production of PVC products, zinc stearate is powdered. Zinc stearate powder has an additive effect on calcium stearate & barium-stearate which may improve PVC's light stability. PVC is typically processed at 14 of its original dosage.
Zinc Stearate Powder is used in rubber products. You should take 1-3 tablespoons.
Uses of zinc stearate in cosmetics uses of zinc stearate as a thickener and lubricant to improve texture
Zinc Stearate Uses in Paint: To impart gloss, it is used as a component in some paints.
Zinc-stearate for rubber compounds: Z Inc stearate acts as an anti-adhesive in rubber products.

Packing & Shipping Zinc Stearate powder:
Many types of packaging are available depending on Zinc Stearate Powder quantities.
Zinc Stearate powder packaging: 20kg/bag. Finally, put it on a pallet.
Zinc Stearate powder shipping: could ship out by sea, air or express once payment has been received.

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Zinc Stearate Powder Properties

N/A 557-05-1 [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Zn Molecular Weigh N/A Appearance White powder Melting Point 120±5 Heating Point N/A Density N/A Solubility of H2O Exact N/A

ZincStearate Powder Health & Safety

N/A Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A Transport Information N/A

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