Sodium Tripolyphosphate STPP

A chemical formula of na5p3o10 is sodium tripolyphosphate, an organic substance. It's a type of water-soluble and amorphous linear polyphosphate.

Tripolyphosphate sodium tpp, tripolyphosphate sodium ph A chemical formula of na5p3o10 is sodium tripolyphosphate, an organic substance. It's a type of water-soluble, amorphous linear polyphosphate. Two types of sodium tripolyphosphate are available: type I (high-temperature type) and kind II (low temperature). There is a difference in the bond lengths and angles between them. They have the same chemical properties, however their thermal stabilitys and hygroscopicity is higher for type I than type II.

Technical Parameters Sodium tripolyphosphate
Items Appearance Fluoride Na5P3O10 P2O5 Water is insoluble pH value Heavy metals( Pb)
Standard White Granular Powder Max 0.0030% Minimum 95% Min. Max 0.05% 9.5-10.0 Max 10ppm

The following are product attributes Sodium tripolyphosphate
It has the following functions: chelation; suspension; dispersion; gelling; emulsification, pH buffering. It is a good choice for synthetic detergents, industrial water softeners, dyeing and preservatives, as well as industrial dispersants, food additives, and organic synthesis catalysts.

Be aware of the following: Sodium tripolyphosphate
1. This product is not toxic and innocuous, it can be biodegradable. However, it cannot be eaten.
2. You should rinse it off with lots of water if it gets in your eyes.
3. A doctor should be consulted immediately if allergies are caused to certain parts of the body.

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