Cement Antifoam

Cement antifoam has the ability to maintain a good state of physical without damaging the demulsification or breaking the foam. It is also stronger than the normal temperatures state. This product can be used for defoaming. The addition amount is sm

Description of Cementantifoam Cementantifoam maintains a good physical status without breaking the demulsification or breaking the foam. It is however stronger than the normal temperature. This product is ideal for defoaming because it does not require any additional cost.

Features of Cement Antifoam
1. Defoamer's dispersibility is excellent and it can quickly defoam in cement mortar systems.
2. The defoamer amount is very small, but the efficiency is excellent
3. The defoamer is able to effectively control the foam formation in the cement mortar system. This makes concrete components more dense, brighter, and helps keep them looking their best.

Application Of Cement Antifoam
The anti foaming agent can be used to defoam cement mortar, concrete and water reducing agents, as well as asbestos tile, calcium silicateboard, putty, mineral pulp, reinforcing agents, etc.

How do you use Cement antifoam
1. Add to your stock solution directly or add in lots
2. According to different systems the defoamer addition can range from 0.1 to 1%. It is determined based on the customer's individual situation and practice.
3. You can perform a test before using to prevent any unusual situations.

Storage of Cement antifoam
Storage: Anti foaming agent should not be stored indoors. It is non-flammable, safe and not dangerous. Before each use, seal the container tightly. The shelf life at 25 is 12 months.
Transport: The product should be properly sealed to keep moisture, strong alkali and strong acid from mixing with it.

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