Processing Method and Application of Zirconia Ceramics

The properties of zirconia-ceramics.

Zirconia - Zirconia is a ceramic with a high melting point and boiling temperature.

Process and application of zirconia tiles

Although zirconia ceramics require a high level of surface accuracy and dimension, their size cannot be guaranteed due to high sintering shrinkage. These ceramics should therefore be processed once sintering has completed. It is also an integral part of the technology that enables special ceramic manufacturers to follow up on zirconia clay products. In the case of zirconia ceramics, the processing is done by micro deformation accumulation at the processing site or material removal. There will be a change in the processing method if there is a different relationship between the amount of processing and the heterogeneity (or internal defect) of the materials or any defects caused by the process. This processing technology uses zirconia-ceramics to meet the requirements of enterprise products in terms of performance. Different production processes can use many methods.

Production of zirconia ceramics demands high purity powders. These must have excellent dispersion and distribution. Most zirconia purification techniques include the following: hydrolysis, spraypyrolysis, alkali oxidation decomposition and chlorination. They are used extensively in structural ceramics due to their toughness, high strength, great wear resistance, thermal insulation properties, as well as being similar to steel.


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