5 Things to Know About Ocean Freight


5 Things to Know About Ocean Freight


One of the most efficient ways to import or export goods is to use a shipping agent. Choosing a qualified international shipping line or cargo agent to handle shipping logistics can help you understand all available options, such as providing custom container solutions, helping you calculate costs, uncovering hidden charges, assisting you with necessary packaging requirements, and preventing delays.


Before you begin shipping your goods, consider the following tips to help alleviate some of the stress you may initially feel when using the Marine forwarding service.


1. You may not need a full container to transport your goods

A common MISTAKE first-time shippers MAKE is that they assume their products require full shipping containers. While this is true, you can check to see if other freight forwarders can help you ship LCL instead of being forced to use FCL. Going the LCL route means that your goods will be merged with other goods, so this will ultimately save you shipping costs. In addition, freight forwarders looking for small items for incomplete containers can offer you favorable rates.

 5 Things to Know About Ocean Freight

2. Pricing is easier than it sounds

Calculating the cost of goods imported and exported across borders may seem complicated in theory, but shipping agent services are easier to price than using air freight agents. For example, LCL cargo can be determined by this simple formula: length X width X depth = total volume (cubic feet). Although this formula works in most cases, certain variables may affect the results, such as whether the cargo is very fragile or extremely light.


3. Beware of hidden fees

One of the more obscure costs on shipping invoices may be fuel charges, which is to be expected, but most shippers do not take into account possible fluctuations in oil and gas prices. Don't be afraid to ask about fuel surcharges so you can get a better idea of your offer and know when that offer applies. Last week's offer may be different from this week's offer.


4. Pack your goods with extra care

Regardless of the experience of ocean carriers, there are many other external factors that need to be considered when packing goods correctly. Your initial package may be satisfactory initially, but it may not hold up during container shipping. Containers must be hoisted onto and off the ship by crane; Then it will cross the rough ocean for a long time. It is very beneficial to seek the assistance of a shipping agent as they can provide professional advice on how to properly pack your cargo for safe and protected travel.



5. Ocean-going vessels and carriers operate on different schedules from ocean freight forwarders

The sailing date of the vessel is different from the shipping agent's delivery deadline. For example, if a ship's schedule leaves for a specific destination on a Monday or Thursday, the deadline for delivery of your goods to your freight forwarder may be the day before the sailing date. Make sure you are familiar with the carrier's schedule to avoid delays. Also, when your shipment arrives at its destination, cargo clearance and unloading can take two days or more, especially if your shipment was shipped by LCL..


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