Market Trend and Demand the price of raw materials in the paper industry go up will affact the Price of Chromium silicide

According to news on March 31, following the price adjustment of raw paper companies in January, a number of household paper companies have recently issued a wave of "price increase letters", planning to adjust their prices in April. Why does the price of paper "go up again and again"? Do you want to stock up toilet paper and pumping paper used at home? The reporter interviewed many companies and industry experts.

Sound up! Vinda, Qingfeng, and Jierou intend to increase their prices by more than 10%

Recently, the well-known domestic paper company "Zhongshun Jierou" issued a price adjustment notice to distributors and channel dealers, starting from April 1st to substantially adjust the prices of its household paper products.

Almost before and after, the tissue giants such as Vinda and Qingfeng have issued price adjustment letters, proposing to increase product prices from April. "We plan to increase the price by 10% to 20%." A head of a giant paper company told reporters.

Zhang Xiao, chief analyst of the light industry industry of Great Wall Securities, said: "The proposed price adjustments of several major household paper\'head brands\' are basically above 10%."

The main reason for the “rising” of tissue paper companies is that the prices of raw materials continue to rise, leading to a sharp rise in production costs.

A "Qingfeng" brand paper product price increase notice in early March wrote that the price of pulp has been rising recently, and now softwood pulp has reached 7,400 yuan/ton, and hardwood pulp has reached 6,400 yuan/ton, and futures prices are even higher. This year\'s pulp price is estimated to exceed 8,900 yuan/ton at the peak of 2017.

According to industry experts, the most important raw material for household paper is wood pulp, which accounts for about 60% of the total cost. Since the third quarter of 2020, wood pulp prices have continued to rise, nearly doubling.

Some large paper companies rely on their capital advantages to stock up more low-priced wood pulp in the early stage. However, as the stock of wood pulp is gradually consumed, large companies have also begun to increase prices.

Some paper companies stop production and reduce production, and small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a "double-sided attack"

As the prices of raw materials continue to rise, non-leading companies cannot bear the sharp increase in costs, and it is difficult for them to pass the price increase to the downstream. Many companies, especially small and medium-sized paper companies, simply choose to reduce or suspend production.

Can the supply of roll paper and pumping paper keep up? Is it necessary to stock up paper?

At present, many companies have cut and stopped production. Although the price of wood pulp began to adjust in mid-March, it is still running at a high level. Some consumers worry whether the supply of household paper is guaranteed? Is it necessary to stock up some rolls and tissues?

Zhao Wei said that in terms of total amount, there should be no problem with the supply of household paper, and there is little possibility of paper shortage. The unit price of household paper is not high, and there are still irregular promotional activities in the market. Sellers will use implicit price increases such as reducing discounts to make consumers feel inconspicuous.

"The price adjustment notice is sent by the manufacturer to the wholesaler. It takes a process to pass from the wholesaler to the terminal. In addition, the paper mills and distributors, supermarkets, and e-commerce have inventory. Therefore, the price of toilet paper on the market is still It is stable and can even support it for a period of time." Yin Ting said.

Zhou Qichao, deputy general manager of Zhongshun Jierou Paper Co., Ltd., also told reporters that although the price adjustment started on April 1, the price increase is not in place in one step, and it may take 2 to 3 months to execute.

Reporters have seen in supermarkets and large e-commerce platforms that most of the paper rolls and paper pumps are currently being discounted and promoted. Some consumers interviewed also said that they did not feel a significant price increase, and some people stocked more household paper during the "Double 11" last year.

"We often buy 180 grams of toilet paper per roll, 10 rolls, the price is about 20 yuan. Calculated by a 10% increase in price, a mention may cost about 2 yuan. If you want to save 10 yuan, you have to buy 5 mentions and go home. It takes up more space." A consumer said bluntly.

However, industry insiders also said that although a number of leading paper companies issued "price increase letters", retail prices may not really be raised according to their increase. The current market supply is still oversupply, and how much the consumer end will eventually rise depends on the price trend of wood pulp, the game between enterprises and e-commerce, distributors, and large supermarkets, and even more on the relationship between supply and demand.

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