Without Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Announced Two successors To Take The Post At The Same Time

The news of the sudden death of Chanel’s former creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, dismayed all fashion folks. The French luxury fashion house Chanel additionally took over the primary time to appoint Virginie Viard, the inventive studio director World Health Organization has worked with Lafayette for over thirty years design work.

While the last series at the helm of Karl Lagerfeld was released at Paris Fashion Week, Chanel proclaimed that Eric Pfrunder was the second successor to Lagerfeld.

Pfrunder also joined the style house in 1983, working closely with Viard on Lagerfeld’s work for overthirty years. It had been along with his encouragement that Lagerfeld began to enter the photography business and in person took several shots of fashion films. In keeping with BoF, Eric Pfrunder’s official title is Chanel Fashion Visual stage director, and Virginie Viard is that the stage director of the style assortment.

Chanel CEO Alain Wertheimer said in the statement that he’s assured in the team that has been working with Karl Lagerfeld for over thirty years. As Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘left and right’, Virginie Viard and Eric Pfrunder will undoubtedly continue to writ brilliantly.