There Are So Many Models After 00, But The Fashion Circles Remembers Her

This girl is a supermodel Kris Grikaite from Russia. Born in 2000, Kris Grikaite is a veritable post-00. At first glance, you may think that she is a little bit ugly, she has a short hair, and the thin square face looks a bit like a boy.

In fact, before she boarded Prada’s runway, she had long flowing hair, and Prada asked her to cut her short hair – this is a bit similar to our previous cover supermodel Ruth Bell. Compared to the present, the recognition is improved at once.

Kris has never regretted this choice of hair cutting. She said: “Being able to work for Prada was once my ultimate goal. It is incredible to realize this early.”

How much does Prada love her? In the following autumn and winter 2017 series, she opened for Prada, 2018 early spring series, she became the model for Prada opening and closing, 2018 spring and summer series, she continued to open for Prada. Even from the early fall 2017 series of ads, every season of Prada ads can see Kris’s appearance.

Her sharp and angular face, clean but somewhat weird beauty, is like a white paper with excellent texture. It is very malleable. She soon won the favor of many fashion magazines after her debut. Before becoming Cover Girl this time, Kris has long been a frequent visitor to our lens, such as her interpretation of minimalist fashion.