The World Bank announced that it would provide $ 12 billion to support members in responding to the novel crown pneumonia

The World Bank said in a statement that the funding was intended to help its members take effective action to respond to the outbreak and, where possible, mitigate the negative impact of the novel  crown pneumonia outbreak. The World Bank will help developing countries strengthen health systems, including better access to health services from the explosion, strengthen disease surveillance, strengthen public health interventions, and work with the private sector to reduce the impact of the outbreak on the economy.

According to the World Bank financing plan, the World Bank’s International Development Association will provide grants and low-interest loans to low-income countries. And the World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development will give loans to middle-income countries. World Bank subsidiary IFC will provide its customers with the necessary support to continue operations and maintain employment. IFC will work with commercial bank customers to expand trade financing and liquidity loan quotas. It will also directly support its corporate customers, focusing on medical equipment and pharmaceutical sectors. At the same time, it will also support the bearing industry, which is the core of the industry. Maintain the supply chain and control risks.

World Bank President Malpass said in a statement that we are working to provide developing countries with “quick and flexible” support measures based on the needs of the novel  coronary pneumonia epidemic, including emergency financing, policy advice, and technical assistance…

At the same time, the IMF and the World Bank issued a joint statement.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Georgieva and the World Bank President Malpas issued a joint statement. They are saying that the IMF and the World Bank are “ready” to help members deal with the challenges posed by the novel  coronavirus epidemic and specifically Focus on developing countries with weak health systems. The statement pointed out that strengthening national health surveillance and response systems are critical to controlling the spread of the epidemic. International cooperation is “critical” in addressing the health and economic impact of the novel  crown pneumonia epidemic.

In this epidemic, FAG Bearing will work hard to overcome the difficulties, step up the recovery of production, and reduce the negative impact that should be brought to the epidemic.