The Usage of Gabion Box

In any construction site, gabion boxes provide the much needed slope stability.The boxes are packed with rocks or concrete used in civil engineering. They are made using a gabion machine that produces hexagonal wire nettings for stone gabion usage.

Inside the gabion welded wire cage are heavy-duty stones, sand or concrete. There are various types of gabion boxes and their common function is to maintain slope steadiness and regulate wearing down in construction.

Below are the various types and uses of gabion boxes.

1.    Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are produced by the use of a gabion machine in box shapes of different sizes. They are majorly used in railway works and highway projects. The main materials used in enhancing flexibility and quality for gabion baskets include river pebbles, sand stones and stones from local quarries.

2.    Gabion Mattresses

Gabion mattresses, also known as Reno mattresses are fairly shorter compared to other gabion types. Using a gabion machine, a double twisted hexagonal woven galvanized steel wire mesh is manufactured in basket form with a quadrangular mattress shape to form a Reno mattress. Constructors insert it in channel coatings to prevent soil erosion that is caused by velocity.

They contain special features such as flexibility and environmental friendliness. They are flexible since they can adjust on their own where there is a land deformation. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly because the voids in the rocks encourage vegetation growth thus reducing soil erosion while maintaining ecological balance.

3.    Gabion Sacks

Gabion sacks are cylindrical in shape and they are made of a dual twisted steel woven wire mesh. They have self-water permeability and that is why they are used in hydraulic works. The stones inside the sack ensure that water seeps through.

Aside from being self-water permeable, the sacks are cheaper compared to concrete. Besides, garbage sacks are easy to install and last longer. The rationale is that they get minimal interference from climatic changes. After the stones are filled into the sacks, they can be used to control river flow.

4.    Gabion Wire Mesh

The gabion mesh wires are majorly used in highways and on busy paths and roads. They are employed on steep slopes to prevent rocks from falling on highways and railway exteriors. Their significance is to protect cars and people from natural hazards and disasters.

Gabion mesh wires equally maintain stability on slopes near railways and high ways. The importance of this is that they act as an anti-soil erosion agent. This geographic reinforcement strengthens the soil structure.

Gabion Machines are Crucial

Gabion machines are essential in the structuring of the different types of gabions to fit their purpose. Some are structured to prevent soil erosion while others to control water flow. Nevertheless, gabions, in general, carry many advantages.

Gabions are durable meaning they can withstand harsh weather conditions for many years and they can resist atmospheric corrosion. They are flexible and can easily settle on deformed land on their own without the need for a physical push. They are also strong and durable; they can resist both wind and flood forces.