The Secret of Heat Dissipation in Chassis

In the operation of the machine, the high heat of the case is generally a big problem for many factories, especially in the summer with high temperatures. The air duct can help the hardware in the chassis better heat dissipation, and the cooling fan supports the air duct. The cooling fan is the focus and core of chassis cooling. Therefore, to better help the chassis cooling, enterprises must choose the first practical fan.

1. Select appropriate core bearing

The cooling fan will use oil-bearing and ball bearing as the core bearing.

Oil bearing is a sleeve bearing that uses sliding friction and uses lubricating oil as a lubricant and drag reducer. After a long service life, due to the oil seal, the lubricating oil will gradually volatilize, and the dust will also enter the bearing, which will cause the fan speed to slow down and the noise to increase. Many manufacturers have made many improvements on this basis to achieve better results.

The ball was bearing changes the friction model of the bearing and adopted rolling friction, which can effectively reduce the conflict between the bearing surfaces, effectively improve the service life of the fan bearing, and thus extend the service life of the radiator. The disadvantage is that the process is more complex, resulting in higher costs and higher noise. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. has been committed to bearing research for many years, including ball bearings and other kinds of bearings of various brands, to ensure the most intimate service for customers.

2. Considerable air pressure and volume

The higher the wind pressure is, the greater the wind power is. It is easier to blow through the punching, dust screen and other components of the chassis, and take away the heat of the frame. The relationship between air pressure and air volume is relative. At the same speed, the higher the air pressure of the fan, the smaller the air volume. At the same time, more airflow can be exchanged to improve the cooling effect. Therefore, in the selection of cooling fans, fans with considerable air pressure or volume can play a better role in cooling. Still, the specific selection should be based on their actual situation.