The Popular And Funny Manicure In the Ins, Spring Essentials

This bright-colored manicure with a small flower pattern that can always be seen on the ins is called the “Yu Yafeng” manicure. It is the cute manicure that Yanya has done and the same type of nail art that the fans have extended. The style is especially funny.

The highest appearance rate is this pattern with small flowers, the overall is a lively color jump, with a simple flower pattern, sweet and cute also contains a touch of retro.

If you have other elements you like, you can combine them without any sense of disobedience. Change the pearl on your thumb to love, and choose a transparent color to make a base. It is also cute and cute.

The rainbow on the nail has also become another representative style of the elegant style manicure. The bright color makes the fingertips very recognizable. The rainbow elements and the pop wave points are full of vitality. When going out on vacation, the selfie is also It will be more eye-catching.

I want the girl’s heart to be softened with the classic French style, and the heart shape and the pattern of the daisy are painted. The flower heart is decorated with a small rhinestone. It will not be black. It is also suitable for the wedding armor.