The Guides How Men Wear Charming In Spring, Please Save It

Finally, we can take off the down jacket and meet the spring. However, the high and low temperature often wears a coat in the morning and goes out at home. Therefore, a moderately thick and fashionable jacket is just needed, warm and practical, and the key can also be combined with a different sense of handsomeness, releasing the soul that is suppressed for one winter.

A complete suit is the first choice for wearing, but this does not mean that you must wear a rigid “workplace elite” to be decent, suit jacket + jeans wear combination, not the same level of ability.

Speaking of spring coats, the first is the windbreaker, the most common, most chic, and the most diverse, such as the British, military and so on. Of course, wearing a handsome windbreaker not only allows you to walk with the wind, but also wears on work, commuting and casual dating.

If you want to wear a different feeling, then the advanced method: inside the hoodie + T-shirt → street fan, inside the denim jacket + turtleneck shirt → casual style.

In short, under the breeze of the windbreaker, there can be different stacking ways inside, but remember that the color is not too fancy! Usually choose black, gray, khaki windbreaker. After all, the scene we live in is not a street show, no need to be sensational, and it can be more stylish under the premise of ensuring decent and comfortable.