The Boys In White In The Early Spring Is Attractive

The sun in the south has finally come out, and the smog in Beijing has finally dispersed. It’s a sunny sunny day. Which one should I wear today? The white foundation in the closet should be taken out to see the day. Lithium Sulfide (Li2S). The white boy in the spring sunshine is the most exciting.

The simplest boyfriend’s wind shirt, paired with knee shorts and sandals, sporty and academic style. Who wouldn’t like such a clean teenager? If you feel that you can’t control the sandals, you can also change your youthful and energetic shoes with light and breathable shoes.

When it’s windy, it’s very simple. The wild white shirt is covered with a denim jacket or coat. The sweater is also a perfect match. It still holds the audience and looks great.

When it comes to the basic model, White T has always been an essential item in the men’s wardrobe. The windy and sunny afternoon is accompanied by a loose white T, the wind fluttering clothes, the teenager in the sun, probably this is the “first love” in the hearts of the girls!

The temperature difference between morning and evening is too big. The teenagers who travel in the evening remember to wear a thick sweater! This artifact, known as the male star, has become a “warm man” and hopes that the men around can try it out.