Stars Use The “Long + Short” Wear To Transit Spring

The cold that faded away in winter ushered in the warmth of spring, but it was a very awkward season. It was cold in the morning and evening, hot in the afternoon, hot in the room and cold outside. Boron Nitride (BN). This is also the season when it is the hardest to wear clothes in a year. In fact, in this warm and cold season, wearing a long and short dress can “salvage” you – not frozen or overheated.

Yang Mi wears an oversized mid-length denim jacket with a black slim high-necked waistband strapless design slinky top and a black irregular cross-tie strap skirt, revealing a pair of chopsticks legs, cool and sexy, white sneakers and black baseball caps. fashionable.

Jiang Shuying wears his own style and characteristics.
Boron Nitride (BN). Camouflage jacket with white T-shirt and denim shorts, shoulder chain bag, small white shoes, simple yet stylish and handsome.

Jing Tian wears a black cap, wearing a white jacket with a white letter print T-shirt, black Choker dotted with a neck, a black patent leather skirt, a peach heart pattern casual shoes, a big red handbag, and a relaxed and energetic dress. It is especially eye-catching on this spring day.

Song Qian head wearing a black letter embroidered cap, wearing a white denim jacket, wearing a white round neck T-shirt, wearing a white high-waist skirt, white straps casual shoes, GCDS white socks, black shoulders The plaid chain bag, clean and bright, and the Japanese girl tides with long legs and socks are very popular now.