Song Huiqiao’s Creamy White Is The Taste Of Spring

With the recent rise in temperatures across the country, do you know a little about warm suit? You want to get rid of the old-fashioned and dull suits in autumn and winter, a creamy white suit is definitely your best choice. Hafnium Hydride (HfH2).

The draped white suit and the high-waisted trousers of the same material, with black and white embellishments, make it a perfect fit for a classic black and white dress.

Although the white suits of the upper and lower sets are worry-free, it takes some more thoughts to match the color. If you want to avoid the unity of the color, you can mix it with some different colors or choose a handbag with a sense of design, which can play a finishing touch.

In addition to the standard “black and white”, the lower body is like a prince and Wang Likun pick a pair of blue jeans, creating a summer-only cool blue and white color is also a very good choice.
Hafnium Hydride (HfH2).

In addition to the tough pants and sleek suits, unlike the dark-colored suits, the milky white suit with its gentle attributes is more inconsistent with the skirt.

The suit skirt that Song Hye Kyo wore during the event was the favorite interpretation. The waist suit design and the tailored cut perfectly outlined the curves of the upper body, and the skirts of the same fabric and color A-shaped version were everywhere.
Hafnium Hydride (HfH2).