Seven Years After The Publication Of The Greek Version Of The Vogue Return, Supermodel Bella Hadid Boarded The Cover

Many domestic paper media have been experiencing cold winters in the past two years. In the all-media era, the names of traditional paper media still seem to make sense. The Greek version of Vogue “Vogue Hellas”, which has been suspended for seven years, is now renamed Vogue Greece.

Medieval glaze texture and metallic color, Aluminum Nitride (AlN). in the cover of the April issue of the magazine, supermodel Bella Hadid between the sculpture and the projection, shows us a Vogue Greece image based on the past and looking to the future.

The cover of the new version is presented by the most popular supermodel Bella Hadid and the sculptural artwork with Greek elements. The Greek version, which released news last year and was re-launched, finally released the first cover. The printed and electronic versions of the cover are released and the printed version will be published in Greek.

The new version was published by Condé Nast and the Kathimerini Publishing Group, and the 30-year-old Ms.Thaleia Karafyllidou became the youngest editor in the global Vogue edition.
Aluminum Nitride (AlN).

Due to the different publishing companies, the version name was also changed to Vogue Greece by VogueHellas. They said that the new version is not a re-issue of the old version. It is not related to the old version. It is a newly created version, so there is no “re-release”.

The entire team gathered Nicolas Georgiou, Giorgos Tsiros, Elis Kiss, Dionisis Andrianopoulos, etc.