ROSSLYN— Body and soul are on the way at the same time

“You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.” This is the life-style pursued by the modern, and it can also be used in cosmetics. Cosmetics at least lasted for 7000 years and almost existed in every society on the earth phase. The cosmetics of body art is considered to be the earliest ceremony in human culture. Both ancient and modern, Chinese and French, the love of the beauty of people never stop their beauty makeup.

Hairdressing was flourishing temporarily in ancient times; it is not only in China. Not only in French but also the peoples in French and other countries can also study a few hairdressing methods, just like painting on the skin for masks and latex. In ancient times, women Chinese and abroad are almost the same in the use of materials. Compares with western countries, China’s technology is more advanced, but ancient science and technology are not so developed.

The level of cosmetics remains in manual production, and some raw materials are not very environmentally friendly, such as lead.

Thus it can be seen; in the world, the different has the cultural difference; the choice of bath products and skincare products also has a gap. However, the love of beauty is the same in the world. People’s love of beauty is everywhere. When we are on the journey, that is to say, when the body on the road, people’s love of beauty is still not eliminated. This has been born on the hotel facilities of high requirements.

Chinese hotels and French hotels have a distinct difference in the choice of products. And what is not unchanged, the high-end bath products and skincare products are the pursuits of all high-end hotels.

Luxury hotel not only lies in high-end decoration and arrangement, but also the comfortable bed and bathroom supplies are the most important details. Bed products can not be taken to the home; change a set is also a trouble. But an excellent bath accessory and skincare product can be made shelter immediately. The small bottles in the hotel can also put in the suitcase smoothly.

When a lot of Chinese people live in a hotel, they like to “take away” hotel accessories in the bathroom. Don’t be shy, baby. The wool goes out on the sheep’s body. The exorbitant room charge contained these things originally.

Give you an excellent reason to take them:

1. Environmental protection. High-end hotel supplies are disposable, can not be recycled. The products left by guests will be disposed of as garbage.

2, Super value. High-end hotels often cooperate with luxury brands. The simple suit needs more than 100 yuan. And that’s part of the price tag;

  • Practical. This small delicate bottle jar is much better than many natural skincare products. It is convenient to take on travel.

When your body is on the road, and at the same time,meet the ROSSLYN products, please do not hesitate to take them into your suitcase because it can meet all your demands for the bath products. ROSSLYN, senior French luxury brand, no gorgeous packaging design, no high-profile publicity strategy, only accumulated years of word of mouth. Once you start using it, you’ll never forget it.

ROSSLYN takes you to realize body and soul at the same time on the way.