Reviews of Epson LW-400 Label Makers

Have you ever faced the trouble of not knowing which port to plug in when installing a wireless router? And do you have the trouble of facing a bunch of plugs on a socket, but you don’t know which socket is for the right home appliance?

This is the result of not organizing and storing. How can I organize and store it? Use a label maker to classify these items in detail. Talk about the printer, Epson is a household name, and they also have the best label makers such as LW-400.

How does this label maker work? Let’s take a look at this best label maker.


The packaging design of the LW-400 label maker is very simple, there is no color box packaging, and the basic product description and feature introduction are printed on the back of the package.

After unpacking, the main body of the LW-400 label printer, power cord, warranty card, instruction manual and gift ribbon are all available, but the capacity of the ribbon is small. If you have a big demand for label printing, buy as many ribbons as possible to prepare for the occasion.

The LW-400 uses the keyboard design. The typing area is exactly the same as the design on the computer keyboard. A rectangular display is located directly above. Button on the right is the print button, and below are the font settings and typing buttons. The body weight is 400g.On the right side of the printer is a yellow-green cut button for cutting the print ribbon.

There is a power connector on the bottom of the LW-400. The output voltage is 6.5V and the current is 1.5A. There are 2 stickers in the middle of the back of the printer, which are marked with the product model, input voltage and other parameters and quick prompts.

Open the back cover of the LW-400 to see the internal structure of the label printer. The upper part of the internal structure of the LW-400 is the installation place of the ribbon, and the lower part is the battery compartment, which indicates that in addition to plugging into a power outlet, the label printer can also use the battery to carry the label away from the power outlet.

Put the ribbon in the label printer, and then cover the back cover, the ribbon is installed. After the installation is complete, look at the back of the printer. A rectangular transparent port at the bottom can see some information about the ribbon. When you are ready to print, you can easily check whether the ribbon installed on the printer meets the requirements, and if it does not meet the requirements, you can replace the appropriate ribbon style in time.

Overall, the Epson LW-400 label printer has a very small and round shape and is also very convenient to carry.

Functional experience.

LW-400 built-in content production methods are very rich, including 6 fonts, more than 80 kinds of borders, more than 700 kinds of symbols and graphics.

It supports a variety of printing methods, including continuous printing, serial number printing, barcode printing, mirror printing, cable label printing, cable bow label printing, etc., and supports 50 storage records. The barcode contains 8 protocol barcodes. The print content is very extensive.

Ribbon specifications.

LW-400 supports a variety of ribbon styles, including standard series, metal series, Asian silver series, strong adhesive series, high temperature series, etc., and the color of the ribbon is also very diverse.

Actual effect display.

After introducing so much, let’s carry out the actual operation. After inserting 6 AA batteries or the power connector, press the switch button, and the LW-400’s display screen can be typed and printed.

The rear interface of the computer case is all kinds of connection lines, but it is often difficult to distinguish whether the cable connected to the keyboard or the wired mouse is plugged into the USB interface. At this time, the label printing of the LW-400 shows great power. After printing, it is very easy to identify which one is the keyboard line and which is the mouse line on the line after printing. It is more convenient to replace the keyboard or mouse in the future.

At the beginning of children’s enlightenment, they can’t tell what is a bottle or a cup. After labeling and printing, children can know which one is a water glass and which is a water bottle. The small label can also make children more good understanding of the importance of classification and how to distinguish similar items.


From the actual experience, we can see that the Epson LW-400 can easily print out the label content that it wants, and the weight of 400g is very portable, whether it is in family life or going to work, it is very good It plays the role of storage and finishing. If you want to work in an orderly and orderly way, consider this Epson LW-400 label maker.