Park Shin Hye Helps Paris Fashion Week, Short Hair Style And Radiance

Park Shin Hye’s elegant long hair is still quite iconic in the impression, very feminine.

After cutting the short hair with the bangs, it is more playful and cute, and the micro-volume short hair can be used to make the face small.

Before attending the fashion week, Park Shin Hye wrote on her Ins: “I am going to come” and uploaded two photos. In the public photos, Park Shin Hye has a refreshing short hair and a red lipstick, which is both elegant and elegant.

Outside the show on Paris Fashion Week, Park Shin Hye smiled and looked super-observant, her short hair is full of aura!

This fashion week, Park Shin Hye’s makeup is still pure, and the choice of maple leaf red lipstick is also very attractive and adds some girly feelings.