Enjoy the bath surprises beyond the roses on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, with its seductive charm to infiltrate countless young hearts, more and more couples choose to spend the day together. But with the change of The Times and the change of people’s thought idea, valentine’s day not only belongs to lovers, but it also belongs to the youth of single. Single young people can be the starting point of this day as his love. Valentine’s day is the same as long-term partners; is couples can be found in this day to the feeling of love. So many hotels to seize the selling point, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh to let the guests feel the unique romantic valentine’s day, at the same time set up the brand, to achieve economic and social double harvest.

For example, there is a four-star hotel, in one year’s valentine’s day, organized a “lover glass bottle” theme activities. The hotel provides color glass bottles, lovers write the sugared words on the paper, then put the documents into the container, tied with a ribbon, give each other. This kind of marketing campaign costs less, but the effect is excellent. Besides, there is also a five-star hotel organized a “flower world theme valentine’s night,” with more than 300 roses and other decorations to decorate the venue, create a romantic and warm dining environment.

On occasion, singers are acting spontaneously at the table. They sing the intoxicating music of love for the lovers, and the saxophone playing and other attacks also let the person enchanted. The men during the dinner can pick roses on the table to present the girl for the gift valentine.

There are also many hotels choose to make an issue of the check-in room. Rose petals scattered all over the bed. Let the guests feel the thick holiday atmosphere. Everything that the hotel does will bring surprise to the guests.

For the guests checking in the hotel during the holiday, there is another surprise beyond these room surprises. That is the surprise that bath products bring to us. In addition to the rose, if the guests encounter Room plus, it will be a double surprise.

ROOM PLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED was established in January 2014.

Starting from London, England, it advocates to the world travelers: More pleasant journey! Room Plus is a simple design collection of hotel room bath products created against the objectives of ROOM PLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED, devoted to providing the business travelers with the best toiletries, and pleasant surprise in a journey!

Room Plus also has a collection of gardenia. When we have had enough of the strong smell of roses, we can feel the fragrance of gardenia in the bath.

White gardenia means “Eternal love and commitment,” as unknown hope and joy-filled in vibrant summer! Inspired by the minimalist, the line perfectly presents the freedom and vastness of extreme modern life. White Gardenia Flower Line is a passenger of a journey, falling into the company with each traveler.

Finally, let’s look forward to meeting Room Plus on the road.

ROSSLYN— Body and soul are on the way at the same time

“You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.” This is the life-style pursued by the modern, and it can also be used in cosmetics. Cosmetics at least lasted for 7000 years and almost existed in every society on the earth phase. The cosmetics of body art is considered to be the earliest ceremony in human culture. Both ancient and modern, Chinese and French, the love of the beauty of people never stop their beauty makeup.

Hairdressing was flourishing temporarily in ancient times; it is not only in China. Not only in French but also the peoples in French and other countries can also study a few hairdressing methods, just like painting on the skin for masks and latex. In ancient times, women Chinese and abroad are almost the same in the use of materials. Compares with western countries, China’s technology is more advanced, but ancient science and technology are not so developed.

The level of cosmetics remains in manual production, and some raw materials are not very environmentally friendly, such as lead.

Thus it can be seen; in the world, the different has the cultural difference; the choice of bath products and skincare products also has a gap. However, the love of beauty is the same in the world. People’s love of beauty is everywhere. When we are on the journey, that is to say, when the body on the road, people’s love of beauty is still not eliminated. This has been born on the hotel facilities of high requirements.

Chinese hotels and French hotels have a distinct difference in the choice of products. And what is not unchanged, the high-end bath products and skincare products are the pursuits of all high-end hotels.

Luxury hotel not only lies in high-end decoration and arrangement, but also the comfortable bed and bathroom supplies are the most important details. Bed products can not be taken to the home; change a set is also a trouble. But an excellent bath accessory and skincare product can be made shelter immediately. The small bottles in the hotel can also put in the suitcase smoothly.

When a lot of Chinese people live in a hotel, they like to “take away” hotel accessories in the bathroom. Don’t be shy, baby. The wool goes out on the sheep’s body. The exorbitant room charge contained these things originally.

Give you an excellent reason to take them:

1. Environmental protection. High-end hotel supplies are disposable, can not be recycled. The products left by guests will be disposed of as garbage.

2, Super value. High-end hotels often cooperate with luxury brands. The simple suit needs more than 100 yuan. And that’s part of the price tag;

  • Practical. This small delicate bottle jar is much better than many natural skincare products. It is convenient to take on travel.

When your body is on the road, and at the same time,meet the ROSSLYN products, please do not hesitate to take them into your suitcase because it can meet all your demands for the bath products. ROSSLYN, senior French luxury brand, no gorgeous packaging design, no high-profile publicity strategy, only accumulated years of word of mouth. Once you start using it, you’ll never forget it.

ROSSLYN takes you to realize body and soul at the same time on the way.

Which Skin Care Products Can Meet The Needs In Autumn and Winter – ROSSLYN Is The Right Choice

In the cold and dry winter, the heating and air conditioning are bombarded, the skin is like arid land, the fine lines are suddenly sprouted, the foundation is stuck, and the loose powder situation occurs frequently.

For those who travel business and like to travel, autumn and winter skincare is more important. Because the weather is parched in autumn and winter, and the skin becomes very unstable in this weather. 

For example, the oilskin will become dry inside the oil, and the mixed skin will become mixed with oil/mixed and dry, not to mention the dry skin; it will only be more dry, miserable is the painful muscle and the young lady with red blood. They are not only skin will be more fragile, but also the symptoms will be even more powerful. Therefore, skincare in autumn and winter is particularly important. 

When choosing a hotel, one of the things that have to be considered is which brand of bathroom products the hotel is in, how about word of mouth, how the hydration effect is, whether it can meet the demand for dry skin, and so on. Nowadays, more and more hotels like to introduce big-name hotel line care to replace the original private label. The ROSSLYN Brand is very popular with the hotel.

ROSSLYN is exceptionally moist and uses a pure ingredient. The demand for quality & pursuit of taste has not changed. Let customers feel the ultimate bathing experience. How much you pay for the skin, she will return you how much. Its ingredients are all-natural and healthy, safe formula, 100% zero added, without any harmful substances. Besides, the water emulsion contains the EGF stem cell repair factor, which repairs epidermal cells, promotes regeneration and repairs damaged cells and sensitive muscles, and contains hyaluronic acid components.

Besides, it is essential to do an excellent job of water and oil balance skincare. The weather in the fall is dry, and if you use summer skincare products, you may still feel very dry. Therefore, you need to buy skincare products suitable for autumn and winter seasons. Do not think that a skincare product is ideal for use all year round. Some people’s skin is different all year round. Therefore, you must choose a skincare product that suits your skin type, and adjust the water and oil balance to fight the dry autumn. To meet the above skin needs, ROSSLYN’s skincare series is the best choice.

Because many skincare products cause skin irritation and take away oil content needed by the skin and cause harm to our skin, skincare series can moisture your skin while cleaning it. Other than making your skin soft and tender, it can also nourish it and protect it from harm.

Choose the right skincare products is a significant, appropriate product, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Choose the skin care products that suit you, and the right way to use, our skin is no longer afraid of dry autumn and winter.

More and More Tourists Choose the Homestay Hotel

With the increasing social life and market segmentation, services are more targeted and more distinctive. In terms of travel accommodation, different grades and types are divided. The first is a star hotel and restaurant. It is followed by a variety of hotels, guest houses, etc. that have not been rated by stars. Due to the lack of uniform standards for such accommodation facilities, the level of facilities and quality of service vary greatly. The third type is a family-style hotel, which is mainly based on “farmhouse music.”

Nowadays, more and more tourists will choose the hotel, because the hotel is closely related to the surrounding environment, often borrowing nearby natural and human resources to form a co-prosperity with the surrounding communities. Secondly, the home is a family life scene, with the owner of the hotel. If you live with you, you can enjoy more home feelings. At the same time, the resident can also chat with other residents and homestay owners to learn more about the anecdotes and get an unforgettable journey experience.

The hotel also pays more attention to the needs of tourists for hotel products, such as toiletries. Now living conditions are getting better and better, and more and more attention paid to product quality. Many famous hotel hotels have chosen the Roomplus brand. 

The brand founded on July 07, 2015, is a simple design collection of hotel room bath products created against the objectives of ROOMPLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED, devoted to providing the business travelers with the best toiletries, and pleasant surprise in a journey!

Roomplus product formula is derived from the United Kingdom, with a complete and scientific quality management system.

The company is based on the principle of three customer satisfaction with:

“Product quality, specialized knowledge, and after-sales service.”

Among them, Olive Real Cleansing is the most popular. The Olive Real Cleansing, extracting the essence from olive leaves, with incredible olive skin-beautifying power, Roomplus olive line products can completely clean and lastingly moisturize your skin. Their fine foam may clean your skin gently and quickly absorbed by it and thus moisturize your skin, maintain a long-lasting and stable balance of water and oil in the skin, and your skin fresh and natural.

In addition to this, the reasons why tourists choose the B&B hotel are living in a hotel and experience rural life. It is a spiritual and cultural root-seeking movement. Modern urban civilization is just a few hundred years old. 

Because the city lives away from the tranquility of natural landscapes and lacks the freshness of trees and flowers, many people do not adapt to the stressful urban life. When working temporarily from a compact city, you should pursue natural habitation, continue an ecological environment, change the situation, live in the depths of the mountains and trees, experience the long-lost birds and flowers, eat the pollution-free farmhouse dishes, and repair the tired body and mind. Because people come from nature, returning to life is in line with human instinct.

The homestay is a new thing, everyone feels fresh, and curiosity is intense. Besides, the homestays are small in the same sex, each with its personality and theme, which does not cause aesthetic fatigue. What’s more, the hotel has a more attractive element than the hotel, which is the owner of the hotel. Because there is a homestay owner, the homestay is more human and warmer than the hotel. The lifestyle and life experience of the owner is a big selling point for the hotel. 

As homestays become more popular, Roomplus is also constantly innovating to develop care products that are more meet the needs of the tourist.

Encountering the essential oil in the journey

Essential oil is the essence extracted and purified from aromatic plants. Every drop of essential oil carries the story of plants and flowers. It is the energy supplement of the human body, indulges the sense of smell, and protects the health. The essential oil can be used not only in skincare products but also in shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, and conditioners.

Essential oil skincare originated from France, the rise of Europe. Essential oil skincare is very popular these two years, but there are still a lot of people who do not know about essential oil skincare. Cleansing and bathing with essential oil can not only remove dirt from pores, but also promote the blood circulation of facial skin and body skin, expel toxins from the body, and make a face full of luster, to achieve cleansing, moisturizing and tender care.

Essential oil skincare is worthy of praise, no matter from the whitening, moisturizing, acne treatment, and other functional maintenance, or the relaxation, soothing mental recuperation. 

With the little molecule and easy to permeate, the essential oil can penetrate through the skin quickly enter the blood circulation and have a recuperating effect on the surface to achieve the result of beautiful skin. On physiology, the essential oil recuperates the body and protects skin rolling into one. 

Now let’s start by looking at the benefits of conventional essential oils: 

1. Sandalwood essential oil: beneficial to dry, wet eczema and dehydrated skin, improving skin inflammation, soothing nerves, and stimulating the immune system.

2, Peppermint essential oil: purify the skin, balance skin oil secretion, eliminate blackheads, shrink micro-vessels, besides reduce fatigue, prevent colds, and help improve respiratory problems.

3. Jasmine essential oil: moisturizing, improving skin sensitivity, removing stretch marks and scars, and relieving pressure.

4. Orange blossom essential oil: whitening, moisturizing, improving skin sensitivity and promoting cell regeneration, anti-depression.

5, cinnamon essential oil: preventing wrinkles, treating acne, it can reduce weight, and adequately treat depression.

6, Patchouli essential oil: astringent pores, it can treat acne, skin inflammation, scars, and allergies, and can be used to fight depression.

7, Juniper essential oil: balance oil secretion, it can be used for weight loss, but severe kidney disease avoids use.

8, Eucalyptus essential oil: sterilize, treat acne, also eliminate fatigue, calm the mood, but patients with hypertension do not use.

9. Happy sage essential oil: whitening skin and promoting cell regeneration, avoid using before and after drinking.

10, chamomile essential oil: microvascular dilation, anti-inflammatory, purify the skin and relieve pressure, eliminate tension.

11. Myrrh essential oil: improve significantly dry, aged, and rough skin.

12, Ylang-Ylang essential oil: regulate adrenal secretion, relax the spirit, make people feel happy.

13. Bitter orange leaf essential oil: anti-depression, calming the nervous system, and keeping the body fresh and energetic.

14, geranium essential oil: pain, antibacterial, can increase the cell defense function and promote blood circulation.

15, Bergamot essential oil: promotes wound healing, reduces pain, and helps with indigestion and loss of appetite.

16. Rose essential oil: it can whiten and moisturize skin, especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and has a rejuvenating effect.

17, Thyme essential oil: promote skin metabolism and improve dermatitis. It also can treat neurasthenia.

18, Rosemary essential oil: prevent wrinkles, clean skin, remove dandruff, can also eliminate fatigue, but do not use high blood pressure.

19. Lavender essential oil: promote cell regeneration, purify skin, improve pore obstruction, balance oil secretion, soothe depression, treat insomnia, and relieve pressure.

20. Clove essential oil: regulate rough skin and enhance willpower.

Essential oil plays a prominent role in skincare. Many famous cosmetics and skincare products have added Essential oil. It is not uncommon for the essential oil to appear in our daily cosmetics. It would be an enjoyable experience if we could use essential oil products in the hotel.

Today, I would like to introduce a series of Room Plus essential oil products. Room Plus focuses on hotel amenities, starts from London, England, and advocates to the world travelers: More pleasant journey. Room Plus devote to providing business travelers with the best toiletries and pleasant surprise on a trip! There are two series of essential oil: Rosemary&Ylang-Ylang; Bergamot&Lemon Grass. Rosemary has the characteristics of anti-microbial and helping skin stay healthy and moisturized. Yland-ylang may relax the nervous system, make people feel happy and ease, and give you the best experience. Bergamot&Lemon Grass has health benefits of effective sterilization and disinfection, rapid skin regeneration, and first skin care and protection, which make body cleansing and care healthier. 

Finally, let’s look forward to meeting Room Plus essential oil products in travel and appreciate its magic. 

Learn About The History And Variety of Sex Dolls

Sexy dolls, as the name implies… Yes, you are the standard toys that you have come up with in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 for girls to meet the different needs of various otaku girls. Sexy sex dolls are beautifully made, but after all, they are no life, they have no emotional exchanges. But why do so many people like sexy dolls? Why do some people like to use sexy dolls instead of real people? What is the reason?

Some people say that these people are to satisfy their curiosity, while others say that the doll is the man’s second girlfriend. They don’t ask the man to do anything, satisfy the man’s desires, and feel free to do it when needed, or can be put away.

Let’s talk about the history of “sexy sex dolls“. In fact, the earliest historical record for sexy dolls is China. There is a record in the Qing Dynasty’s “Chinese and Western Chronicles”: “The foreigners can make things for naked women, skin and bones. The tongue and the tongue are all in one. The first fold is like a piece of clothing. When it is blown by the air, it is soft and warm as a beautiful person. It can be handed over like a humanity, and it is so clever and disheartening.”

But the great promoter of this artifact is the murderer, Hitler. It is said that Hitler’s tens of millions of German troops are fighting for the Quartet. The physiological problems are always solved. Hitler is not like the Japanese, persecuting their own country’s women, and persecuting women in other countries. During World War II, the researchers created the world’s first sexy sex doll according to Hitler’s request and the image of a typical German girl.

In fact, when people mention sexy sex dolls, everyone thinks of being the island country. In the middle of the 20th century, Japan sent the first batch of researchers to the South Pole. The caring government is worried that the long-term abstinence of the expedition team will affect the health of the body. Therefore, the high-quality sexy sex doll is developed at the public expense and named as “Antarctic No. 1.”

Then, until 1970, the typical sexy sex doll appeared in Japan for the first time. At this time, the sex dolls, whether portable or tactile, have already made men feel that the era of long drought and the rain has finally arrived. After the development of inflatable dolls, I will not say more, the future development, the space may be still very large. There may be a higher technology coming soon.

What kind of sex doll do people like? What types of sex dolls are there?

Ragdoll type: As the name suggests, it is the real version of the rag doll. It is a higher grade than the inflatable type, and the price of workmanship is about 3,000-5,000 RMB, which can be regarded as a big pillow.

Polyurethane type: This is made of polyurethane foam as a material, and the above two ratios are relatively hard. It is not heavy in life size and weight is less than 5 kg. However, because it is relatively hard, in order to simulate a real person, it is generally necessary to stick the skin on the surface.

Hand-made type: This is a synthetic resin, which is the same as the general model. But because it’s a little bigger, the interior is usually filled with polyurethane, which is similar to the people we used to play with when we were young. The joints can rotate and spin freely. But the touch is very blunt, there is no feeling of skin, that is, a large hand.

Silicone real doll type: built-in light bones, wrapped in silicone. Because silicone is very soft (everyone knows that breast augmentation relies on it), it is very close to the touch of the skin. And the endoskeleton, you can put it in a variety of ways. It can be said that it is the most popular one. The weight is also the heaviest, can reach more than 30 kg, and is closer to humans, representing the highest level of inflatable dolls, is the level of high-tech and artisan.

Forgot The Black And White Ash, This Spring’s Premium Color Is Oatmeal

Some people call “oatmeal” earthy, it is not a single color, beige, khaki, cream, milk tea color…. These colors can be called “oatmeal”. Ni-Ti Powder.

Oatmeal is light and light, and it has a low-key sense of high quality than the usual “spring” of pink, white and blue. It is worth a try.

Oatmeal + light denim blue, both high-grade and lively, fresh, and very suitable for spring and summer. Ni-Ti Powder.

Oatmeal + gray, these two colors are high-grade, combined with a calm and advanced.

Oatmeal + black, oatmeal and black are also a pair of calming high-level couples.

Song Huiqiao’s Creamy White Is The Taste Of Spring

With the recent rise in temperatures across the country, do you know a little about warm suit? You want to get rid of the old-fashioned and dull suits in autumn and winter, a creamy white suit is definitely your best choice. Hafnium Hydride (HfH2).

The draped white suit and the high-waisted trousers of the same material, with black and white embellishments, make it a perfect fit for a classic black and white dress.

Although the white suits of the upper and lower sets are worry-free, it takes some more thoughts to match the color. If you want to avoid the unity of the color, you can mix it with some different colors or choose a handbag with a sense of design, which can play a finishing touch.

In addition to the standard “black and white”, the lower body is like a prince and Wang Likun pick a pair of blue jeans, creating a summer-only cool blue and white color is also a very good choice.
Hafnium Hydride (HfH2).

In addition to the tough pants and sleek suits, unlike the dark-colored suits, the milky white suit with its gentle attributes is more inconsistent with the skirt.

The suit skirt that Song Hye Kyo wore during the event was the favorite interpretation. The waist suit design and the tailored cut perfectly outlined the curves of the upper body, and the skirts of the same fabric and color A-shaped version were everywhere.
Hafnium Hydride (HfH2).

Stars Use The “Long + Short” Wear To Transit Spring

The cold that faded away in winter ushered in the warmth of spring, but it was a very awkward season. It was cold in the morning and evening, hot in the afternoon, hot in the room and cold outside. Boron Nitride (BN). This is also the season when it is the hardest to wear clothes in a year. In fact, in this warm and cold season, wearing a long and short dress can “salvage” you – not frozen or overheated.

Yang Mi wears an oversized mid-length denim jacket with a black slim high-necked waistband strapless design slinky top and a black irregular cross-tie strap skirt, revealing a pair of chopsticks legs, cool and sexy, white sneakers and black baseball caps. fashionable.

Jiang Shuying wears his own style and characteristics.
Boron Nitride (BN). Camouflage jacket with white T-shirt and denim shorts, shoulder chain bag, small white shoes, simple yet stylish and handsome.

Jing Tian wears a black cap, wearing a white jacket with a white letter print T-shirt, black Choker dotted with a neck, a black patent leather skirt, a peach heart pattern casual shoes, a big red handbag, and a relaxed and energetic dress. It is especially eye-catching on this spring day.

Song Qian head wearing a black letter embroidered cap, wearing a white denim jacket, wearing a white round neck T-shirt, wearing a white high-waist skirt, white straps casual shoes, GCDS white socks, black shoulders The plaid chain bag, clean and bright, and the Japanese girl tides with long legs and socks are very popular now.

Seven Years After The Publication Of The Greek Version Of The Vogue Return, Supermodel Bella Hadid Boarded The Cover

Many domestic paper media have been experiencing cold winters in the past two years. In the all-media era, the names of traditional paper media still seem to make sense. The Greek version of Vogue “Vogue Hellas”, which has been suspended for seven years, is now renamed Vogue Greece.

Medieval glaze texture and metallic color, Aluminum Nitride (AlN). in the cover of the April issue of the magazine, supermodel Bella Hadid between the sculpture and the projection, shows us a Vogue Greece image based on the past and looking to the future.

The cover of the new version is presented by the most popular supermodel Bella Hadid and the sculptural artwork with Greek elements. The Greek version, which released news last year and was re-launched, finally released the first cover. The printed and electronic versions of the cover are released and the printed version will be published in Greek.

The new version was published by Condé Nast and the Kathimerini Publishing Group, and the 30-year-old Ms.Thaleia Karafyllidou became the youngest editor in the global Vogue edition.
Aluminum Nitride (AlN).

Due to the different publishing companies, the version name was also changed to Vogue Greece by VogueHellas. They said that the new version is not a re-issue of the old version. It is not related to the old version. It is a newly created version, so there is no “re-release”.

The entire team gathered Nicolas Georgiou, Giorgos Tsiros, Elis Kiss, Dionisis Andrianopoulos, etc.

A Small Split Is Really Sexy

Di Lieba wears pink mirrored sunglasses, wearing a black stamp collage ring zipper jacket, a white handbag on the shoulder, a dark blue tight-fitting jeans underneath, a black fish mouth high heel ankle boots, and black stockings.

Carly-Klaus is wearing a black deep V-strap, wearing a black patent leather split-high waist skirt, a black handbag, and a black pointed high-heeled ankle boot. Silicon Carbide (SiC). All black makes her little woman show her style. When the most classic black is used in the split skirt, just the right level of high-level sexy can make your overall level to a new level.

Selena Gomez appeared on the street, wearing a navy blue-shaped wide-shoulder knit split dress with black lettering and high-heeled sandals. The face of the hair blown by the wind by hand, the elegant perfection ~ navy blue dress gives a quiet, faint first feeling, the figure shows the face of the girl’s sensual atmosphere, can be said to shine the goddess Halo!

Coco Rocha white sunglasses on the front of the Cannes Film Festival in France, wearing a black round neck sleeveless white side stitching slim waist simple split dress, handcuffs black envelope bag, white feet Pointed stiletto ankle boots. The black I saw before was a small woman’s sexy, but when I changed to a more lady’s dress, I changed the style completely. The intellectual charm gradually spread out between the swings of the skirt.
Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Liu Wen attended the global launch of Chanel’s new Chanel perfume, wearing a black ethnic-printed sling strap vest straight dress, black shoulder bag on the shoulder, white lace-up casual sports white shoes, totem print to make the cousin exotic Full of style.

Burberry Announces The Abandonment Of Plastics, Sustainable Fashion Has Made Progress

British luxury brand Burberry plans to replace all plastic packaging involved in the brand with reusable, recyclable or compostable materials by 2025, completely eliminating the use of ordinary plastic materials.

The company has removed plastic lamination from its polyethylene bags for retail bags and packaging garments, and is expected to reduce the use of approximately 29 tons of plastic.  Hafnium Carbide (HfC). In addition, Burberry has announced plans to replace all current hangers, shields and plastic bags with environmentally friendly materials, and has launched a hanger recycling program to recycle used retail hangers.

For luxury brands, their PVC materials can often be treated by technology to reduce the damage to the environment, but another batch of cheap PVC materials that are popular with the trend once again challenge the environment.

On the other hand, compared with artificial fur, the development of degradable plastic materials is still in the exploratory stage.
Hafnium Carbide (HfC) Due to the limitations of capital and technology, environmentally friendly plastics still cost a lot of money, given the depth and universality of plastics in the retail sector. As for now, the retail industry is still far from the day when plastics are completely banned.

Japanese Famous Pink Hair Makes You A Romantic Little Fairy

Girls who are concerned about Japanese hairdressing may have found a new Hashtag on the ins recently, ranging from rose powder, smoked powder, cherry powder to purple, and other colors based on the pink color.

Nowadays, many girls who are ready to change their color are the preferred color system. Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2). Whether it is sweet or the color of the hair that is brought out by the highlights, it is blowing in the wind, giving the spring a romantic touch.

Especially the purple color that is biased towards high cold is the most popular, and professional hair stylists think that this color system is so many people choose, because for Asians, with the pink color, it will make the oriental skin look Become more white.
Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2)

Especially in the lively and youthful spring, it is more appropriate to sip the sweet and not greasy hair color in the sunny sunshine, adding a little gentleness.

Many Years Of Dark Muscles Said: The Most White Clothes Are Goose Yellow

In most people’s eyes, it seems that it is more suitable for retro romantic printing. I don’t know that our cute fat Di wearing a goose yellow is even more fair-skinned. The appearance of pink powder is a lovely mango taste teenage girl.

Wearing a beautiful power, the mint green gauze is soft and elegant, but it is far less bright than the bright goose yellow. Tungsten Carbide (WC). The refreshing and sunny Bottega Veneta goose yellow dress is gentle and sweet, and the spring vitality is one second can wear it!

During the Phoebe Philo period, Celine was also obsessed with goose-yellow, and had a lot of goose-yellow items, full of elegant taste of cold wind, giving the playful goose a new definition.

Not long ago, L’Agence 2019’s early autumn series also released a set of models wearing a goose yellow sling debut, the bright and warm colors show the feminine charm, quiet and natural.
Tungsten Carbide (WC)

Kendall Jenner and Rose have shown the best dresses for goose-yellow suits on the upper body. One is paired with the same color pants and fashionable, and a mixed-dress skirt puts the goose yellow out of the gas field.

What Are The Basic Conditions For Becoming A Fashinable Male?

How can I be a fashionable man? In fact, this is not difficult, as long as you master the following points in hair style and wear, to become a charming gentleman, it is simply a piece of cake!

If you want to become a fashionable male, the first step is of course the hairstyle. Zirconium Nitride (ZrN). No matter which method is used, there is a principle that is absolutely unchanging truth, that is, ‘depending on the shape of the face.’

The second one is ‘roll sleeves’. Now the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Wearing short sleeves feels a little too anxious. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to wear long sleeves, then roll up the sleeves.

The third type of male keyword is narrow pants. Although wide pants have been popular in recent years, in terms of the most basic wear, narrow pants are always the best item for you.

The fourth point, that is the men’s shoes, although for example, vans, Converse, are worn the older the better. But in general, the taste of a man is determined by his shoes. This is not only about the shoes you choose,it is also testing whether you have left the shoes ‘clean.’

Chanel 2019/20 Autumn And Winter Couture Ready-To-Wear Collection Conference Show Makeup

Chanel’s 2019/20 Fall Winter Collection is the design of the world’s makeup creative and color design director Lucia Pickup. Strontium Nitride (Sr3N2). The makeup of this show is exceptionally fresh and simple, emphasizing the eyebrows that have been carefully trimmed and bearish.

As the girls walked in the snow in the winter mountains of “Chalet Gardénia”, they showed their faces. Also full of Chanel style: strong personality, fresh and pleasant, exudes a sexy, delicate luster, yet elegant and elegant.

The striking boy’s temperament eyebrows are in stark contrast to the fresh and full blush, which echoes the temperament of this season’s ready-to-wear collection.

Design Director Lucia Picka also shared some professional beauty techniques: use Chanel eyebrow pencil to brush up the eyebrows, then use the Chanel double eyebrow brush to smudge the eyebrows, and finally apply a layer of Chanel eyebrow gel to make the eyebrows more Stretching nature.

The favorite item of design director Lucia Picka is the Chanel bubble water foundation, which gives the skin a smooth, light and flawless nude makeup.

GUCCI 2020 Early Spring Show Will Be Held In Rome

The exhibition will be held at the Capitoli Museum on May 28th. The museum is also considered to be the oldest museum complex in the world, Tungsten Sulfide (WS2). with public works on display including Roman, medieval and Renaissance artifacts.

It is conceivable that this is a suitable background for Alessandro Michele’s usual eclectic vision. This is another masterpiece following the Gucci 2019 Early Autumn series, which was filmed by Harmony Korine in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Selinunte, emphasizing the importance of history and location to Michelle’s creative world.

“The choice of location continues the conversation between Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and the ancient world, this time from a place that recalls childhood,” said the brand: “Card The Pitoli Mountain Museum offers a unique perspective on the centuries-old history of ancient Rome through a rich collection of artifacts.”

In addition, Gucci has announced a plan to fund the rock surface restoration in southern Campidollio. This is a historic place. In the first century AD, the traitors were sentenced to be thrown from the cliff to the Roman Square below. The creative director of Gucci is often inspired by this history and therefore wants to protect this history.

You Still Need These 3 Pairs For Shoe Cabinet In 2019

When it comes to the shoes that are worn and versatile, many people may learn to think of all kinds of net red white shoes. Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2).

In recent years, there has been a sneaker model that successfully “squats” white shoes. It is cumbersome and ugly at first glance. That’s right! It is the old shoes.

The old English shoes are Chunky Sneaker, which means “small sneakers”. Although these sneakers look very heavy, they are especially versatile, whether it is retro-style trousers or minimalist coats and highs. Waist pants can be easily worn with old shoes.

Cowboy boots were born in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, because of the inconvenient transportation, it was necessary to wear comfortable and durable boots. Therefore, cowboy boots became a must-have item for everyone. Later, retro style, cowboy boots Another leap became synonymous with American fashion.

Square head boots, square head details can best highlight the retro modern style, it can quietly let the people wearing it enhance the gas field, the thick line silhouette will make people look atmospheric and confident.

The Boys In White In The Early Spring Is Attractive

The sun in the south has finally come out, and the smog in Beijing has finally dispersed. It’s a sunny sunny day. Which one should I wear today? The white foundation in the closet should be taken out to see the day. Lithium Sulfide (Li2S). The white boy in the spring sunshine is the most exciting.

The simplest boyfriend’s wind shirt, paired with knee shorts and sandals, sporty and academic style. Who wouldn’t like such a clean teenager? If you feel that you can’t control the sandals, you can also change your youthful and energetic shoes with light and breathable shoes.

When it’s windy, it’s very simple. The wild white shirt is covered with a denim jacket or coat. The sweater is also a perfect match. It still holds the audience and looks great.

When it comes to the basic model, White T has always been an essential item in the men’s wardrobe. The windy and sunny afternoon is accompanied by a loose white T, the wind fluttering clothes, the teenager in the sun, probably this is the “first love” in the hearts of the girls!

The temperature difference between morning and evening is too big. The teenagers who travel in the evening remember to wear a thick sweater! This artifact, known as the male star, has become a “warm man” and hopes that the men around can try it out.

Keep A Low Profile, But I Still Like Baby & Zhao Wei’s Exaggerated Earrings

It is said that the fashion circle in recent years is really interesting. The design style of the clothing is more and more restrained and low-key, but the accessories are more and more exaggerated. Mercury Sulfide (HgS). You see, Alexander McQueen’s 2019 spring and summer series.

Nowadays, the exaggerated big earrings are not only in the fashion show, but all the female celebrities seem to prefer this big earring when they are in daily life or when recording a show.

Take the variety show “Chinese Restaurant” which was particularly hot some time ago. Zhao Wei used a blue old earring to match the shape of the same-color printed skirt.

Metal coil earrings, as the most basic entry earrings, this design is simple and does not have too many complicated design of the coil earrings, but the earrings in the world of earrings! You can see this earring when you flip through the street.

Metal flake earrings, if you think that the metal coil earrings are too ordinary, then you must like this flake earrings. The best thing about this kind of earrings is the strong architectural style.

Bar Refaeli making an appearance at MFW

Fancy style earrings, this flower-shaped earrings will be more colorful, it is best to use the same color of other accessories to match each other to make the overall look more harmonious.