Many Years Of Dark Muscles Said: The Most White Clothes Are Goose Yellow

In most people’s eyes, it seems that it is more suitable for retro romantic printing. I don’t know that our cute fat Di wearing a goose yellow is even more fair-skinned. The appearance of pink powder is a lovely mango taste teenage girl.

Wearing a beautiful power, the mint green gauze is soft and elegant, but it is far less bright than the bright goose yellow. Tungsten Carbide (WC). The refreshing and sunny Bottega Veneta goose yellow dress is gentle and sweet, and the spring vitality is one second can wear it!

During the Phoebe Philo period, Celine was also obsessed with goose-yellow, and had a lot of goose-yellow items, full of elegant taste of cold wind, giving the playful goose a new definition.

Not long ago, L’Agence 2019’s early autumn series also released a set of models wearing a goose yellow sling debut, the bright and warm colors show the feminine charm, quiet and natural.
Tungsten Carbide (WC)

Kendall Jenner and Rose have shown the best dresses for goose-yellow suits on the upper body. One is paired with the same color pants and fashionable, and a mixed-dress skirt puts the goose yellow out of the gas field.