Keep A Low Profile, But I Still Like Baby & Zhao Wei’s Exaggerated Earrings

It is said that the fashion circle in recent years is really interesting. The design style of the clothing is more and more restrained and low-key, but the accessories are more and more exaggerated. Mercury Sulfide (HgS). You see, Alexander McQueen’s 2019 spring and summer series.

Nowadays, the exaggerated big earrings are not only in the fashion show, but all the female celebrities seem to prefer this big earring when they are in daily life or when recording a show.

Take the variety show “Chinese Restaurant” which was particularly hot some time ago. Zhao Wei used a blue old earring to match the shape of the same-color printed skirt.

Metal coil earrings, as the most basic entry earrings, this design is simple and does not have too many complicated design of the coil earrings, but the earrings in the world of earrings! You can see this earring when you flip through the street.

Metal flake earrings, if you think that the metal coil earrings are too ordinary, then you must like this flake earrings. The best thing about this kind of earrings is the strong architectural style.

Bar Refaeli making an appearance at MFW

Fancy style earrings, this flower-shaped earrings will be more colorful, it is best to use the same color of other accessories to match each other to make the overall look more harmonious.