In addition To The Vest Line, Yang Mi Also Knows How To Wear The Most Waistline

Everybody knows that you should pay attention to “growth and avoid weaknesses” when you wear clothes, so if your waist is thin enough, don’t show it, and the waist dress is a simple and easy to wear choice.

Let’s take a look at Yang Mi’s body. The soft and irregular dress is paired with a tight-fitting leather jacket. It is intellectual and elegant, and the silhouette of the leather suit fits perfectly with the curve. The good body of the big power is also at a glance.

If you are still trying to thin the waist and do not meet the A4 waist standard, you can try the “plug one plug” method. The advantage is that you can blur the waistline and be visually thin.

If the upper body is still slender, you can choose this kind of close-fitting sweater like Liu Wen. It is very high-grade and very textured. You can put a wide-leg trousers on the lower body and put the sweater into the trousers. It is very neat and adds a sense of professionalism.

Don’t be afraid of the girl with a pear shape. Use a silk printed shirt with a good drape to match the mom jeans. Although there is no hip style to reflect the S-curve, the slightly loose shirt and the mom jeans have a high waistline. The visual thin waist is still doing well.