How to Improve the Service Life of Needle Bearing

The needle roller bearing is a kind of bearing with a cylindrical roller. The roller is thin and long. It has a high load-bearing capacity when the radial space is limited. It is a bearing unit composed of centripetal needle roller bearing and thrust bearing. According to different occasions of use, the machining accuracy and surface quality should be combined with bearing rings and purposes. In typical applications, needle bearing can be divided into stamping outer ring needle bearing, reliable ferrule needle bearing, combined needle bearing, and thrust bearing. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications. And how to improve its service life is a critical issue.

To solve the problem, we must first understand the problem. First of all, what is the general cause of aging failure of needle roller bearing? Generally, there are four reasons and solutions: 1. The needle bearing is poorly lubricated and seriously lack of lubricating grease, which needs to be supplemented in time; 2. The bearing vibrates due to the failure of the machine iron core, which needs to be replaced with a new bearing; 3. The bearing fits too tightly, and the clearance is too small, which needs to be adjusted as soon as possible;4. The bearing material is tired. This is because of the fatigue of metal materials, the debris falling off the bearing raceway, and the ball surface drops into the grease, increasing by working noise. Therefore, we should consider the normal fatigue of bearing materials and replace the new needle bearing of the same model.

Also, to improve the service life of needle bearing, it is necessary to check and maintain it frequently. In this respect, many efforts are needed, such as no rain leakage in the warehouse, no direct sunlight in the bearing storage location, indoor air circulation. Still, no dust invasion, ventilation equipment, and temperature control equipment should be set in the warehouse, etc. After all, it’s our goal to ensure its performance.