Gululu Smart Water Bottle Uses Games To Make Your Kids Fall In Love With Drinking Water.

This best smart water bottle for kids combined with the electronic pet’s smart water cup may solve the problem that your children do not like to drink water.

Adequate drinking water is very important for children’s bodies, but not every child is willing to drink so much water, so a company called Gululu hopes to attract children to drink water through games. The smart cup of the same name is equipped with a display, a home button and a touch sensor. It also supports Wi-Fi and wireless charging. Of course, it also tracks the amount of water consumed.

When you first use Gululu, you need to set a target value for your child’s water consumption, and then you can track the progress on the display in many ways. As the amount of drinking water increases, it can display a map on the screen showing the current progress, or a larger and larger electronic pet. In addition, parents can also check their child’s progress through the companion app.

Gululu’s idea is indeed very clever, but its practicality and necessity are still questionable. First of all, you have to convince your child to use it, but more importantly, the current research field has not reached an agreement on how much water to drink, so we cannot conclude that children must drink more water.

Gululu recommends drinking water based on the child’s weight, height, and place of residence. This recommendation also refers to natural water loss and the amount of water in food. Gululu said that their researchers “referenced quite a number of academic papers” in determining the amount of water they drink, so they hope they can provide accurate values. But it is clear that their recommended water intake is not based on any widely accepted standard of water intake.

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Pokemon’s game is built-in, making drinking water a fun thing, letting children drink and play, it is fun to teach, and full of creativity.

2.App design is more streamlined and beautiful, easy to operate.

3. The color matching atmosphere is comfortable. Basically, the three colors are all beautiful. I like yellow most, and of course, there is a highly flexible cup cover to meet the needs of hitting colors.

4. Waterproof design ensures the convenience of cleaning.

5. Drop-resistant, plastic shell, pp material, strong anti-beat ability, coupled with a jacket, it is invincible.

6. The design of the details is reasonable.

7. Outer packaging is fun and boundless; the material is relatively thick.

8. Can scientifically calculate the right amount of drinking water, graph statistics of daily drinking water, and score drinking habits, which is scientific and reasonable, so that parents and children can plan their daily drinking water together to score health.


1. Does not have insulation function.

2. The cup design has a built-in display screen, so the cup body is not flat, there are bumps, and the BPA material has some residual taste, which may be sensitive to sensitive mothers. And the glass has no grip.

Gululu smart water bottle takes gamification to a whole new level. It is an interactive smart bottle that motivates kids to drink more water every single day. It is creative, fun, and with a simple initial setup. Seeing that it updates on a daily basis, it is going to be exciting day in day out as kids will not get bored of the same pet.