GUCCI 2020 Early Spring Show Will Be Held In Rome

The exhibition will be held at the Capitoli Museum on May 28th. The museum is also considered to be the oldest museum complex in the world, Tungsten Sulfide (WS2). with public works on display including Roman, medieval and Renaissance artifacts.

It is conceivable that this is a suitable background for Alessandro Michele’s usual eclectic vision. This is another masterpiece following the Gucci 2019 Early Autumn series, which was filmed by Harmony Korine in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Selinunte, emphasizing the importance of history and location to Michelle’s creative world.

“The choice of location continues the conversation between Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and the ancient world, this time from a place that recalls childhood,” said the brand: “Card The Pitoli Mountain Museum offers a unique perspective on the centuries-old history of ancient Rome through a rich collection of artifacts.”

In addition, Gucci has announced a plan to fund the rock surface restoration in southern Campidollio. This is a historic place. In the first century AD, the traitors were sentenced to be thrown from the cliff to the Roman Square below. The creative director of Gucci is often inspired by this history and therefore wants to protect this history.