Enjoy the bath surprises beyond the roses on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, with its seductive charm to infiltrate countless young hearts, more and more couples choose to spend the day together. But with the change of The Times and the change of people’s thought idea, valentine’s day not only belongs to lovers, but it also belongs to the youth of single. Single young people can be the starting point of this day as his love. Valentine’s day is the same as long-term partners; is couples can be found in this day to the feeling of love. So many hotels to seize the selling point, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh to let the guests feel the unique romantic valentine’s day, at the same time set up the brand, to achieve economic and social double harvest.

For example, there is a four-star hotel, in one year’s valentine’s day, organized a “lover glass bottle” theme activities. The hotel provides color glass bottles, lovers write the sugared words on the paper, then put the documents into the container, tied with a ribbon, give each other. This kind of marketing campaign costs less, but the effect is excellent. Besides, there is also a five-star hotel organized a “flower world theme valentine’s night,” with more than 300 roses and other decorations to decorate the venue, create a romantic and warm dining environment.

On occasion, singers are acting spontaneously at the table. They sing the intoxicating music of love for the lovers, and the saxophone playing and other attacks also let the person enchanted. The men during the dinner can pick roses on the table to present the girl for the gift valentine.

There are also many hotels choose to make an issue of the check-in room. Rose petals scattered all over the bed. Let the guests feel the thick holiday atmosphere. Everything that the hotel does will bring surprise to the guests.

For the guests checking in the hotel during the holiday, there is another surprise beyond these room surprises. That is the surprise that bath products bring to us. In addition to the rose, if the guests encounter Room plus, it will be a double surprise.

ROOM PLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED was established in January 2014.

Starting from London, England, it advocates to the world travelers: More pleasant journey! Room Plus is a simple design collection of hotel room bath products created against the objectives of ROOM PLUS PERSONAL CARE UK LIMITED, devoted to providing the business travelers with the best toiletries, and pleasant surprise in a journey!

Room Plus also has a collection of gardenia. When we have had enough of the strong smell of roses, we can feel the fragrance of gardenia in the bath.

White gardenia means “Eternal love and commitment,” as unknown hope and joy-filled in vibrant summer! Inspired by the minimalist, the line perfectly presents the freedom and vastness of extreme modern life. White Gardenia Flower Line is a passenger of a journey, falling into the company with each traveler.

Finally, let’s look forward to meeting Room Plus on the road.