Encountering the essential oil in the journey

Essential oil is the essence extracted and purified from aromatic plants. Every drop of essential oil carries the story of plants and flowers. It is the energy supplement of the human body, indulges the sense of smell, and protects the health. The essential oil can be used not only in skincare products but also in shampoos, shower gels, body lotions, and conditioners.

Essential oil skincare originated from France, the rise of Europe. Essential oil skincare is very popular these two years, but there are still a lot of people who do not know about essential oil skincare. Cleansing and bathing with essential oil can not only remove dirt from pores, but also promote the blood circulation of facial skin and body skin, expel toxins from the body, and make a face full of luster, to achieve cleansing, moisturizing and tender care.

Essential oil skincare is worthy of praise, no matter from the whitening, moisturizing, acne treatment, and other functional maintenance, or the relaxation, soothing mental recuperation. 

With the little molecule and easy to permeate, the essential oil can penetrate through the skin quickly enter the blood circulation and have a recuperating effect on the surface to achieve the result of beautiful skin. On physiology, the essential oil recuperates the body and protects skin rolling into one. 

Now let’s start by looking at the benefits of conventional essential oils: 

1. Sandalwood essential oil: beneficial to dry, wet eczema and dehydrated skin, improving skin inflammation, soothing nerves, and stimulating the immune system.

2, Peppermint essential oil: purify the skin, balance skin oil secretion, eliminate blackheads, shrink micro-vessels, besides reduce fatigue, prevent colds, and help improve respiratory problems.

3. Jasmine essential oil: moisturizing, improving skin sensitivity, removing stretch marks and scars, and relieving pressure.

4. Orange blossom essential oil: whitening, moisturizing, improving skin sensitivity and promoting cell regeneration, anti-depression.

5, cinnamon essential oil: preventing wrinkles, treating acne, it can reduce weight, and adequately treat depression.

6, Patchouli essential oil: astringent pores, it can treat acne, skin inflammation, scars, and allergies, and can be used to fight depression.

7, Juniper essential oil: balance oil secretion, it can be used for weight loss, but severe kidney disease avoids use.

8, Eucalyptus essential oil: sterilize, treat acne, also eliminate fatigue, calm the mood, but patients with hypertension do not use.

9. Happy sage essential oil: whitening skin and promoting cell regeneration, avoid using before and after drinking.

10, chamomile essential oil: microvascular dilation, anti-inflammatory, purify the skin and relieve pressure, eliminate tension.

11. Myrrh essential oil: improve significantly dry, aged, and rough skin.

12, Ylang-Ylang essential oil: regulate adrenal secretion, relax the spirit, make people feel happy.

13. Bitter orange leaf essential oil: anti-depression, calming the nervous system, and keeping the body fresh and energetic.

14, geranium essential oil: pain, antibacterial, can increase the cell defense function and promote blood circulation.

15, Bergamot essential oil: promotes wound healing, reduces pain, and helps with indigestion and loss of appetite.

16. Rose essential oil: it can whiten and moisturize skin, especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and has a rejuvenating effect.

17, Thyme essential oil: promote skin metabolism and improve dermatitis. It also can treat neurasthenia.

18, Rosemary essential oil: prevent wrinkles, clean skin, remove dandruff, can also eliminate fatigue, but do not use high blood pressure.

19. Lavender essential oil: promote cell regeneration, purify skin, improve pore obstruction, balance oil secretion, soothe depression, treat insomnia, and relieve pressure.

20. Clove essential oil: regulate rough skin and enhance willpower.

Essential oil plays a prominent role in skincare. Many famous cosmetics and skincare products have added Essential oil. It is not uncommon for the essential oil to appear in our daily cosmetics. It would be an enjoyable experience if we could use essential oil products in the hotel.

Today, I would like to introduce a series of Room Plus essential oil products. Room Plus focuses on hotel amenities, starts from London, England, and advocates to the world travelers: More pleasant journey. Room Plus devote to providing business travelers with the best toiletries and pleasant surprise on a trip! There are two series of essential oil: Rosemary&Ylang-Ylang; Bergamot&Lemon Grass. Rosemary has the characteristics of anti-microbial and helping skin stay healthy and moisturized. Yland-ylang may relax the nervous system, make people feel happy and ease, and give you the best experience. Bergamot&Lemon Grass has health benefits of effective sterilization and disinfection, rapid skin regeneration, and first skin care and protection, which make body cleansing and care healthier. 

Finally, let’s look forward to meeting Room Plus essential oil products in travel and appreciate its magic.