Disney Turns Mickey’s Birthday Into Marketing, Gucci Launches A USD30,000 Handbag For It

On November 18, 1928, the world’s first sound cartoon movie “Willie Steamboat”, which was released at the New York Colonial Theatre, sensationalized New York. A superstar was born. People remembered the little mouse that wore a hat and danced with music.

It has a rounded head, a large rounded ear, a pear-shaped body that is as soft as a rubber hose, has no obvious joints, and is free to stretch a small mouse that looks like a boneless limb.

Mickey is popular with audiences around the world for his easygoing, optimistic, active and whimsical character. It always whispers, humming, leaping and energetic. Despite being an adult character, it retains the curiosity and happiness of children.

Since Alessandro Michele took over Gucci, the brand’s tonality has changed, and myths, animals and insects are often seen on Gucci.

The handbag that Gucci launched for Mickey birthday made its debut at the Gucci show in the spring and summer of 2019. Made of 3D printing technology, made of black synthetic resin, with enamel details and a Gucci logo on the handle. The handbag opening and closing at the top of Mickey’s head is quite “shocking.”