CoronavirusCOVID-19: Disinfect your casual shoes for women to Safeguard Against the Coronavirus

With the spread of the new crown virus worldwide, The coronavirus has quickly introduced many Americans to the world of science. People began to pay more attention to the prevention of viruses and adopted a number of measures, such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently, but there is one thing that most people miss.

Although the Centers for Disease Control states that the virus is mainly transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, it can also linger on surfaces that are frequently touched, such as light switches, phones, and keyboards.

Although medical experts have not warned of the virus present in shoes, available evidence suggests that footwear is a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it is time to consider providing good cleaning for women’s casual shoes, whether by hand washing with detergents and disinfectants or throwing them into the washing machine. This is an aspect that many people forget. This is one aspect that many people forget.

Need more convincing? Just last year, Ravel, a British women’s footwear retailer, commissioned a study examining the cleanliness of footwear, putting ten pairs to the test to see just how clean they were.

According to the results, Your shoes will carry a large number of bacteria and fungi with your exercise. The sole carry more bacteria and fungi than the upper. Second, leather is cleaner than suede and carries fewer bacteria. Third, If you do not disinfect, the bacteria and fungi will enter your room through the casual shoes for women. In this special period, it will bring great danger to your health.

Disinfection methods for shoes: particularly one-piece molded footwear from brands can be sanitized using simple household cleaners. Casual shoes for women can be safely machine washed according to manufacturers’ instructions with store-bought detergents meant for garments.

​Here, I have rounded up some casual shoes for women that are easily hand cleaned with detergent or machine washed. In this special time, I hope this suggestion can help you.