Chanel 2019/20 Autumn And Winter Couture Ready-To-Wear Collection Conference Show Makeup

Chanel’s 2019/20 Fall Winter Collection is the design of the world’s makeup creative and color design director Lucia Pickup. Strontium Nitride (Sr3N2). The makeup of this show is exceptionally fresh and simple, emphasizing the eyebrows that have been carefully trimmed and bearish.

As the girls walked in the snow in the winter mountains of “Chalet Gardénia”, they showed their faces. Also full of Chanel style: strong personality, fresh and pleasant, exudes a sexy, delicate luster, yet elegant and elegant.

The striking boy’s temperament eyebrows are in stark contrast to the fresh and full blush, which echoes the temperament of this season’s ready-to-wear collection.

Design Director Lucia Picka also shared some professional beauty techniques: use Chanel eyebrow pencil to brush up the eyebrows, then use the Chanel double eyebrow brush to smudge the eyebrows, and finally apply a layer of Chanel eyebrow gel to make the eyebrows more Stretching nature.

The favorite item of design director Lucia Picka is the Chanel bubble water foundation, which gives the skin a smooth, light and flawless nude makeup.