Microwave Aerogel Felt Heating and Curing Technology-breaking Through the Bottleneck of the Development of Traditional High-temperature Heating Technology

Microwave-prepared aerogels felt can reduce the risk through intelligent design and meet the production requirements of high-quality products. The complete set of equipments is fully automated, and all monitoring equipment is centrally controlled, and a continuous production process can be realized. The production requirement of 180 square meters per hour Read More

Bearing Assembly Requirements and Maintenance Methods

Precautions before bearing installation 1. Check the bearing for quality problems. Whether the rotation is flexible, carefully check the bearing parts for defects, such as indentation, burns, cracks, etc. It is strictly forbidden to install parts with quality problems. 2. Make sure the installation site is clean and prevent foreign Read More

Preparation Methods Of Boron Carbide Powder

Boron carbide has notable properties and is extensively used. Boron carbide  is second most effective to diamond and cubic boron nitride in hardness. It has  many advantages, along with excessive melting factor, low density, excessive  strength, broad neutron absorption go-phase, high-quality thermoelectric overall  performance, and proper mechanical stability. And we Read More