A Small Split Is Really Sexy

Di Lieba wears pink mirrored sunglasses, wearing a black stamp collage ring zipper jacket, a white handbag on the shoulder, a dark blue tight-fitting jeans underneath, a black fish mouth high heel ankle boots, and black stockings. Carly-Klaus is wearing a black deep V-strap, wearing a black patent leather split-high waist skirt, a black handbag, […]

Burberry Announces The Abandonment Of Plastics, Sustainable Fashion Has Made Progress

British luxury brand Burberry plans to replace all plastic packaging involved in the brand with reusable, recyclable or compostable materials by 2025, completely eliminating the use of ordinary plastic materials. The company has removed plastic lamination from its polyethylene bags for retail bags and packaging garments, and is expected to reduce the use of approximately […]

Japanese Famous Pink Hair Makes You A Romantic Little Fairy

Girls who are concerned about Japanese hairdressing may have found a new Hashtag on the ins recently, ranging from rose powder, smoked powder, cherry powder to purple, and other colors based on the pink color. Nowadays, many girls who are ready to change their color are the preferred color system. Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2). Whether it […]

GUCCI 2020 Early Spring Show Will Be Held In Rome

The exhibition will be held at the Capitoli Museum on May 28th. The museum is also considered to be the oldest museum complex in the world, Tungsten Sulfide (WS2). with public works on display including Roman, medieval and Renaissance artifacts. It is conceivable that this is a suitable background for Alessandro Michele’s usual eclectic vision. […]

You Still Need These 3 Pairs For Shoe Cabinet In 2019

When it comes to the shoes that are worn and versatile, many people may learn to think of all kinds of net red white shoes. Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2). In recent years, there has been a sneaker model that successfully “squats” white shoes. It is cumbersome and ugly at first glance. That’s right! It is the […]

The Boys In White In The Early Spring Is Attractive

The sun in the south has finally come out, and the smog in Beijing has finally dispersed. It’s a sunny sunny day. Which one should I wear today? The white foundation in the closet should be taken out to see the day. Lithium Sulfide (Li2S). The white boy in the spring sunshine is the most […]

The Guides How Men Wear Charming In Spring, Please Save It

Finally, we can take off the down jacket and meet the spring. However, the high and low temperature often wears a coat in the morning and goes out at home. Therefore, a moderately thick and fashionable jacket is just needed, warm and practical, and the key can also be combined with a different sense of […]

The Popular And Funny Manicure In the Ins, Spring Essentials

This bright-colored manicure with a small flower pattern that can always be seen on the ins is called the “Yu Yafeng” manicure. It is the cute manicure that Yanya has done and the same type of nail art that the fans have extended. The style is especially funny. The highest appearance rate is this pattern […]